About the Center for Excellence in Aging and Health

Advancing inclusive, narrative-informed, and outcome-oriented research, applied scholarship, education, and service-learning on healthful aging.

Applied Learning and Research on Healthful Aging

The Center for Excellence in Aging and Health (CEAH) was conceived in 2017 and launched in 2018 with the hire of Founding Director Tom Meuser, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and gerontologist with New England roots (retired as of June 2024). The CEAH is a university-wide center focused on engaging faculty and students in applied learning, service, and research on healthful aging. Advancing UNE’s identity as an Age Friendly University and promoting intergenerational engagement are top priorities.

Supporting UNE’s Strategic Priorities

Focused Research and Scholarship

The Legacy Scholars Program (LSP) invites adults, aged 55 years and older, to join with 鶹ýfaculty, professional staff, and students in shared scholarship on healthful aging. Scholars (n = 700 and growing) contribute to a robust, longitudinal data clearinghouse through annual surveys, and they give generously of their time and talents in support of approved research by UNE-based and outside investigators. Important research partners include the 鶹ýCenter for Excellence in Public Health and the . Learn more about current and past projects in our .

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

The CEAH offers a variety of educational programs online and in-person for the 鶹ýfamily, our scholars, and other friends. Many such offers are made possible through key internal (e.g., 鶹ýCenter to Advance Interprofessional Education and Practice) and external partners (e.g., ).

Engagement with Local, Regional, and Global Partners

Dr. Meuser likes to say: “the best way to teach students about aging is by linking them personally with older adults.” Such engagement is possible online as much as in-person in the age of Zoom. Locally, the CEAH supports student service-learning and intergenerational engagement through the , an affordable housing provider for 650+ older adults near to our Portland Campus. This local partnership provides innumerable opportunities for students of all types to practice their professional skills and serve others at the same time. Other important partners in senior housing include , , and .


Interested in connecting with or collaborating with the CEAH? Contact Mike Sheldon, Ph.D., at msheldon@une.edu.