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The 鶹ýGraduate Admissions and Recruitment team is available to support all future and prospective students during this uncertain time. Please contact us at gradadmissions@une.edu with any questions you may have.

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Southern Maine has a long history as a popular vacation destination. It's a beautiful, welcoming region with incredible arts and entertainment offerings, scenic biking and walking trails, and stunning waterfront views. On our Biddeford Campus, you'll enjoy 4,000 feet of ocean frontage, giving you immediate access to surfing, swimming, sunbathing, or jogging along the shore. Our historic Portland Campus offers close proximity to Portland's nationally renowned food scene, vibrant nightlife, and dynamic health care ecosystem.



Ali Ross
"The people at 鶹ýare the kindest people. I could tell right away that it was a place I wanted to be. The people that I interviewed with showed genuine interest in me and the other interviewees. I knew that they cared about why I was interested in coming here and would be invested in my learning." Ali Ross, Occupational Therapy ’20


Dani Trepaney

"Being on the coast in Southern Maine attracts so many different people, and there are tons of different activities — from city life in Portland to hikes in the mountains and time out on the ocean. I have met people from all over the U.S." Dani Trepaney, Occupational Therapy ’20


Gregory Blackman
"The idea that you are on a campus of your own with other graduate students but also other health professionals has a special way of fostering interprofessional work and development. Being able to go to those other professions daily and ask them for their opinion to get that angle of expertise gives you a broader view and a better connection." Gregory Blackman, Physician Assistant ‘20


Shama Patel

"鶹ýemphasizes doctor-patient communication. They teach you how to phrase questions, bring up awkward topics, and do physical exams in a way that makes patients feel as comfortable as they can be. Until the day I hang up my white coat, I am confident that my future career will provide me a lifetime of fulfillment, challenge, charity, and growth." Shama Patel, Osteopathic Medicine '22

Interprofessional Education

鶹ýis one of a handful of private universities in the United States with a comprehensive health education mission. Our cutting-edge interprofessional approach provides integrated instruction for students preparing for careers in medicine, pharmacy, dental medicine, nursing, and an array of allied health fields. Through clinical simulations in our state-of-the-art labs, clinical experiences, and service-learning immersions, you will learn the intricacies of your discipline while coming to better understand how your work will combine with the work of other health professionals to meet the needs of your patients.

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*This figure includes total awarded amount over all years.


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